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Voice Feminization and Masculinization Therapy


After Physical appearance one of the other elements to showyour sexuality is the voice and sound frequencies level of your talking. For having effective and masculine or feminine voice, it isimportant to have correct and the best emphasise on the words when you are talking which calls effective articulation.

With voice feminization or masculinization we will focuse on speech and voice frequencies and vocal cords. Now we will see what are feminine or masculine voice characters.

Feminine voice:

The person whohas feminine voice is owner of this properties:

  • High pitch: Normally feminine voice has higher frequencies between 180-25 HZ. With voice therapy we will try to put your voice between these frequencies level. For making more feminine voice can combine it with morefluid, clear conversation, longer vowel space to make it softer.
  • Soft articulatory touch: In feminie voice you need to have softer and lighter articulatories (tongue, teeth, lips,..) touch which can combine with special emphasise on words during the conversation.
  • Lower intensity: For having feminine voice you need to have lower intensity (50-115 dB).
  • More clear speech: In Fminine converstaion you hear softer and lower speed of speech. In voice therapy we will teach you how to make distances between vowels.
  • Higher Resonance: For feminine voice you need to have higher resonance conversation that is needed to make words come out orally and more forward.
  • Body language: To have more effective feminine voice, it is very useful to have feminine body language.

Masculine voice:

To have Masuline voice you need to have bellow peoperties in your speech:

  • Lower pitch: Maculine voice frequency is 100-150 HZ. With voice masculinization therapy we will help you to put your voice in these frequencies level.
  • More though articulatory contact: In maculine voice we need to use more hard contact in our articılatories (lips, teeth, tongue,…).
  • Upper intentsity: Maculine voice has upper intesity around 65 dB. This part can be resulted by testestron effect on larynx and personality characters, culture, pathology, vocal usage to make it stronger and harder.
  • Faster converstaion: For having masculine voicey ou need to speak faster and more non clear.
  • Lower resonance: In masculine voice you will use your lungs and lower part of artiulatories more. So, resonance will be lower.
  • Body language: To have more effective masculine voice, it is very useful to have masculine body language.

Voice feminization and masculinization therapy is a series of therapies programs and you need to be patience and do your home wrorks and folow the program properly to get very good result.


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Treatment Duration

It can take3-8 months.




No need to have surgery.

Possible Complications

Note: -
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