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Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is cosmetic procedure that is done to fill the area that is empty and doesnt have enough hair. During the time with aging and stress and testron through maturation an dgenetically hairs are strating to fall down. For having young and aesthetic profile having full hair is an important option.

There are different techniques of hair transplantation :

  • FUT Hair Tarnsplantation

In this method will remove one part of skin from back part of the head between 2 ears and then will seperate the grafts and after opening channels son the front and top will transplant them to the front and top parts. The re will be scar on back part pf the head.

  • Organic FUE Hair Transplantation

In this method we will take out stem cells and also will reach grafts by micromotors one by one and will transplant them to the channels that we opened on the fron and top areas. There won’t be any scar.

  • Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation

In this method we will use smae as organic FUE technique just we will use another instrument for openig the channels, in the result the healing will be very faster and swelling lesser also the graft survival percentage will be higher.

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Treatment Duration

It takes 6-7 hours ofcourse it will change in according to the graft amounts.


At the same day after treatment will be discharged.


The result will be very natural and without scar with the lowest pain.

Possible Complications

Note: After the treatment will be careful about the grafts don’t fall down. First three days will have bandage on around of the head. After 3 days will remove and do first washing nad teach how to do that. You have to sleep on back for 7 days and no hat usage.
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