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Fat Transfer

Fat transfer is a surgical procedure that is done under general anaesthetic. This surgical procedure can be done for different pıurposes like:

  • More filler result
  • Rejuvenate the area with embryotic cellss inside

It can be done fors car revision, face wrinkles or lips filling, breast and butt filling. This procedure is recommended more than hyaloronic acid as it is otolog fat and has embryotic cellss that can help to rejuvenate after 3 months.

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Treatment Duration

It takes 1-3 hours.


The patient can discharge at the same day of the surgery or the day after in according to doctor advices.


Will help to have bigger and more rejuvenated area.

Possible Complications

Note: After the surgery will need to use garment for 1 month. Heavy sports are forbidden for 1 month.
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