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Eyebrow Lift

Eyebrow lift is a surgical procedure that can help to have more lifted eyebrows. Sometimes it is combined with forehaed lifting suregry. It can be done endoscopic as well. In eyebrow lift surgical procedure is prepared incision under the hairline and will lift up the eyebrows sometimes it is combined by midfacelift. In combining with forehead lift will be under the hairline on forehead.

It is short surgical procedure that can be done under general anaesthetic or sedation. With endoscopic eyebrow lift can make smaller incision and the will much lesser invasive than classic one. The result of eyebrow lift is permanent but ofcourse have to be careful and use suncream after the surgery to help with faster healing. Before hte surgery if you use any medication has to give these information the surgeon before surgery.

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Treatment Duration

Eyebrow lift operation takes 1-2 hours. It can be done under general anaesthetic or sedation.


After the surgery can be discharged at the same day.


With this surgical treatment can have more lifted eyebrows.

Possible Complications

Note: Just use sun cram to protect the skin from sunshine to get healed faster.
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