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Endoscopic Face Lift

This technique of face lift helps the patients to have younger and thghter face skin without extended big scar. It is done by three small milimetric holes under the hair to acheive the skin and muscles to seprate and lift them up.

This surgery is done under general anaesthetic and is applies for the upper part of the face. Also endospic browlift can be used as permanent botox to remove the wrinkles on forehead. With this surgery we don’t remove the excess skin but we will lift up the mudcleand can get thighter and younger face as a result.

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Treatment Duration

This kind of facelift operation takes 3-4 hours.


After the surgery 1 night need to be hospitalized.


With this technique there won’t be any visible extended scar and healing is very faster than other techniques.

Possible Complications

Mostly used for upper part of the face.
Note: After this surgery won’t need to be used drainages and ther won’t be big swelling. Just patient will have alittle bruising which is disappear after afew days. The patient can see the final result after 6-12 months.
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