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Dental Implants

Dental implants is the dental procedure for replacing of dental root for missing teeth. With this treatment will prepare the root replacement very close to your own dental root. In ccording to the bone structure will see if it can carry on the implants. That is wahy doctor will take 3D scan photo before starting any treatment. There are different brands and qualities of implants.

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Treatment Duration

Thsi treatment will be done in different sessions at the first session will put the base and root of implants with surgery inside of the gum to the bone and after that will wait for 4 months that the gum will heal and then will put top part and close it with crown.




There are different advatages of ental implants: -Improving of eating -Improving of speech -Improving of self confidance -Improving of oral health

Possible Complications

Note: After the treatment have to be careful the healing process will be passed. Don’t forget to eat soft things and be careful to prevent of breaking the crowns.
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