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Chin Implants

Chin implants or augmentation is the surgical procedure that can be done for having more prominent profile on chin area. People who have small chin are good candidate fort his surgery. Thsi implant is proposed from silicone or more solid materials that can be done by suturing or screwing to the bone.

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Treatment Duration

Chin implants surgery takes 1-2 hours and will be done under general anaesthetic and the incision will be inside of the mouth.


At the same day of surgery or 1 day after the surgery will be discharged.


The other techniques for filling this area is not permanent but this procedure is permanent an done time surgery will be enough to have good result.

Possible Complications

Note: The stiches that are used are inside of the mouth and absorbable. Just for 3 days after the surgery have to do mouth washing and use soft foods.
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