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Breast Implant Revision

As we know each implants have their own life time and sometimes it makes back pain in some poeople and want to remove them. During breast implants revision will remove theimplants fromthe same scar most possibly and sometimes will be placde new ones maller or same size or even bigger.

This surgical procedure is done under general anaesthetic and the sutures are absorbable.

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Treatment Duration

It takes 2-3 hours and is done under general anaesthetic.


At the same day after treatment or the day after will be discharged.


If the patient doesn’t likeor change her mind or even any complication happen and want to change the implants to get desired result can be a good option to hav the result you want.

Possible Complications

If after removing of implants will need togo to smaller one there, will need to do mastopexy and will have bigger scar.
Note: After the surgery will use medical garment to prevent of swelling rising and gives better shape to the breasts. For a few weeks lifting up of heavy things are forbidden.
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