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Breast Augmentation (Breast Implants)

Breast augmentatin or implants is a surgical procedure that helps to givre shape and volume and contour the person’s breasts. Breast implants can be done aesthetically or as reconstructive purpose after mastectomy tomake it filler. Breast implants can be put under the muscle or on top of the muscle and under the skin. After theexamination by surgeon and patient’s expectation will decide about where it will be put. There are different typesof implants: saline solution, structured and compositfiller and silicon gel.

Around of implants will shape one layer of capsule that protect the cells from implants. If this capsule layer will be thichk then have to remove the implants immidiately. These implants have their own life time and most of the time it is between 15-20 years.

Breast implants can be replaced from different scars: around nipple, under the breasts, under armpits, from belly button. It will be decided by medical surgeon and patients’ expectaion. Sometimes it combines with mastopexy or breast lift, then there will be lolipop scar (arond nipple, vertical down even sometimes under the breasts).

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Treatment Duration

It takes 2-3 hours and is done under general anaesthetic.


At the same day after treatment or the day after will be discharged.


As reconstructive surgery can have appearance like real breasts and as aesthetic surgery can have bigger and thighter breasts.

Possible Complications

Sometimes body can react to the implants and have bigger capsule around of implants and need to be removed immidiately. There ispossibility of assymmetrical appearance. It has to be done by well-experienced surgeon.
Note: After the surgery will use medical garment to prevent of swelling rising and gives better shape to the breasts. For a few weeks lifting up of heavy things are forbidden.
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