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Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is the surgical treatment to fix sagged eyelid skin, muscle and fat deposit. During the time by aging muscles and skins around of eyes will be sagged and fat deposit will be more. With this surgical procedure can remove and fix these problems.

The incision will be on upper eyelid and will be invisible during the time and for lower eyelid will be invisible under lower line on eyelids. Sometimes saggy eyelids destroy sight and with this surgery can help functionally.

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Treatment Duration

Blapharoplasty takes 1 hour. It is done under local anaesthetic if it will be just upper eyelid surgery but if there will be lower eyelid surgery general anaesthetic or sometimes just sedation will be needed.


At the same day of surgery will be discharged.


This surgical treatment can help functionaly and aesthetically to have more younger appearance.

Possible Complications

Note: The stiches that are used will be removed 5 days after the surgery.
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